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Founded in 1999 by Director Manuel Ramos, Ballet Folklorico Lo Nuestro is a traditional Mexican folk dancing company consistent of elementary, middle and high school students from western Washington County. Lo Nuestro is recognized for its artistry and dedication for instilling the passion of folklorico dancing in young dancers. Dancers in Lo Nuestro have perfected seven segments of traditional Mexican dances from seven regions in Mexico. Mr. Ramos has over 30 years of experience in coordinating/directing ballet folklorico groups. 

I started Ballet Folklorico Lo Nuestro with the mission of instilling in a new generation the joy, artistry and passion of folkloric dancing that was instilled in me at an early age. Growing up, dancing and theater taught me so much. I experienced firsthand the dedication, commitment and drive that it took to be a dancer in a dance company. Those life lessons that I learned on stage have guided me both professionally and personally. Over the course of my 30 years coordinating and directing ballet folkloricos, my mission has been to share those lessons and experiences with as many students as possible. My aim has been to create a new generation who will continue on with the beautiful traditions of ballet folklorico.

Thank you,
Manuel Ramos