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School Uniforms

Cornelius Elementary School has a dress code that requires students to wear uniforms. All clothing should be in solid colors without designs. Permitted colors are white, navy blue and khaki. Logos on shirts or pants are not permitted. The following styles are acceptable: shirts with a collar (short or long sleeve), turtleneck shirts, sweaters, pants, shorts, dresses, "jumpers" (sleeveless dresses), skirts, white or black shoes. Students should not wear blue jeans or any other denim clothes.

Sweaters that will be worn throughout the school day should be one of the three colors. Jackets or coats that are used for outside activities are not subject to the dress code.

The dress code is in effect during the school day and during activities after class that start before 4 p.m. More information about uniforms is available in the school office.
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Families who have opted out of school uniforms are asked to comply with the following dress code guidelines:
Students are expected to come to school looking clean, neat and dressed in a manner that is accepted as being in good taste. Bizarre clothing that may be fitting for casual beachwear, picnics or masquerade parties is not regarded as acceptable.

To enhance school safety and provide a sense of security for all students, we have established the following guidelines for student attire:

  • Shoes should be both closed-toed and closed-backed.
  • Shorts may not be shorter than mid-thigh and must be hemmed.
  • No leggings/body tights unless worn under acceptable school clothing.
  • Skirts should be no shorter than mid-thigh.
  • Halter tops, tank tops (with straps narrower than 1 ½ inches), mesh shirts, or any immodest attire (including those which expose the mid-section) will not be permitted.
  • Clothing with inappropriate language or graphics is prohibited as well as attire that promotes the use, possession or transmission of an illegal substance. This includes jewelry, clothing patches and buttons.
  • Clothing, devices or paraphernalia that indicates membership in or support for youth gangs, hairnets, do-rags, etc. must not be worn.
  • Hats may be worn to and from school but must be removed upon entering the building.
  • Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times.
  • Clothing that is excessively ripped or torn or covered with graffiti is not allowed.
  • Clothes “decorated” with racial or ethnic slurs or negative symbolism (i.e. gang related, satanic, Nazi, anarchy or depicts or promotes violence) will not be permitted.
  • Chains are not to be worn or brought to school (including those attached to keys, wallets, etc.)
  • Clothing of a size that is too large for the student or is worn in a manner that exposes the midsection or underwear (often called “sagging”) is not permitted.
  • Any dress, grooming or appearance that disrupts or tends to disrupt the educational process or affects the health or safety of individuals is prohibited.